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Terms of Service


The prices in the currently valid price list apply. We reserve the right to correct calculation and calculation errors. All-inclusive offers only apply to the respective order.

Orders / execution of orders

Orders are always carried out in the manner in which they are ordered by telephone, in writing or by telex and confirmed in writing. The written order confirmation from Adé – Shuttle Service is exclusively decisive for the acceptance of the contract (the scope of the contractually owed service). The customer undertakes to check the contents of the order confirmation carefully. Orders of any kind must clearly identify the subject of the transaction. Amendments, confirmations or repetitions must be marked as such.
Verbal agreements require written (telephone) confirmation. The Adé Shuttle Service reserves the right to change or cancel confirmed bookings at short notice. These changes must be reported to the customer before the start of the journey.

Airport shuttle service

  • The pick-up time must be strictly adhered to, otherwise the right to be transported (after a maximum of 10 minutes waiting time for the Adé – Shuttle Service driver) will no longer apply and the customer will be charged the full transfer price.
  • The customer must be available by telephone during the pick-up period (15 minutes before or after the agreed appointment), otherwise timely pick-up may not be guaranteed.
  • Pickup is considered on time if it takes place +/- 10 minutes before/after the agreed pick-up time.
  • If the Adé Shuttle Service driver does not collect the goods within the agreed collection period, the customer must notify the Adé Shuttle Service.
  • When using the Adé airport shuttle service, the customer is always picked up at the airport from the respective meeting point of the terminal. The customer is obliged to locate the Adé Shuttle driver waiting at the meeting point, who is identified by a name tag with the Adé Shuttle Service logo.
  • There may be a waiting time for the return journey when you are picked up at the airport. The Adé Shuttle Service reserves the right to transport passengers together whose scheduled flight arrivals are no more than 30 minutes apart.
  • If your flight is delayed or arrives earlier, waiting times longer than 30 minutes must be accepted. Excluded from this are exclusive trips.
  • In the event of changed flight or landing times, the Adé Shuttle Service tries to arrive on time. Flight delays are known to the Adé Shuttle Service.
  • In the case of flight delays of more than 1.5 hours or when approaching another airport, the entitlement to carriage expires. Here the Adé Shuttle Service tries to transfer the customers as soon as possible.

Fare/Order Fee

If cash payment has been agreed, the fare is to be paid to the Adé – Shuttle Service driver at the latest when the order is started. If invoicing has been agreed, the due date occurs according to the specified payment term. The invoice amount must be transferred within 14 days to the Adé Shuttle Service account, stating the booking ID.

If orders are carried out for the benefit of a third party, the corresponding order fee is to be paid by the client in case of doubt. In the event of default, default interest will be charged in accordance with the statutory provisions (§ 288 BGB). If a collection agency is commissioned in the event of a delay in payment, the customer must bear the resulting costs. A gross fee of EUR 5 may be charged for each reminder.


One piece of luggage with a maximum weight of 30 kg and one hand luggage of a normal size may be carried per person. Additional pieces of luggage or bulky goods must be declared when the order is placed, otherwise there is no right to transport these items. Additional costs may be charged for such pieces of luggage.

Withdrawal / cancellation fees

The contracting parties have the right to cancel the transport order. Cancellations must be in writing.

An order cancellation by the customer will be charged at a flat rate of €15.00. If the customer does not start a journey (no-show) or cancels the transport order within 48 hours before the start of the journey, Adé – Shuttle Service reserves the right to invoice the customer for the full fare.

Rebookings up to 48 hours before departure are free of charge. If the customer rebooks the journey within 48 hours before the start of the journey, a flat rate of €30.00 will be added to the transfer price.

Prohibited Uses

Adé – Shuttle Service vehicles may not be used

a) for the transport of dangerous substances of any kind

b) to commit crimes within the meaning of the German Criminal Code (§§ 1-9 StGB), even if these are only punishable under the law of the crime scene

c) for trips that go beyond the contractual use

The customer is prohibited from designating the Adé Shuttle Service driver for the uses listed under a) to c).

Customer Liability

a) The customer is liable for all of his culpable, i. H. intentional and negligent damage caused to the vehicle and to the Adé – Shuttle Service driver personally unlimited.

b) Otherwise, the customer is liable without limitation and personally for all damage caused by use for a prohibited purpose.

c) The statutory liability regulations remain unaffected.

The customer bears the damage resulting from transmission errors, misunderstandings and mistakes in telephone, (tele)written or e-mail correspondence with the customer or with third parties, provided that the damage was not caused by the Adé – Shuttle Service.

For security reasons, Adé Shuttle Service reserves the right to obtain confirmation of orders received by telephone, (fax) or e-mail.

If telephone, (fax) text or e-mail messages are confirmed in writing, the customer must immediately object to any discrepancies between these messages and the written confirmation.

Liability of Adé – Shuttle Service

Adé – Shuttle Service is liable for all the customer culpably, d. H. damage caused intentionally and negligently, insofar as the damage is covered within the framework of the motor vehicle liability insurance taken out for the corresponding car. In the event of default, liability only applies in the event of gross negligence or intent. The Adé – Shuttle Service may commission third parties to carry out all of the business it has been assigned in its own name, in whole or in part, if it considers this to be justified, taking into account the interests of the customer. If the Adé – Shuttle Service makes use of this, the responsibility is limited to careful selection and instruction of the commissioned third party.

No liability is assumed for the consequences of delays as a result of traffic intensification, traffic jams, flight delays, force majeure and unforeseeable vehicle failure. The Adé – Shuttle Service is also not liable for theft of luggage by third parties.

Subject to change

In principle, the vehicle ordered in accordance with the order is made available. If it is not possible to fulfill the order for internal reasons or objective impossibility, the Adé – Shuttle Service reserves the right to provide another vehicle. The Adé – Shuttle Service tries to keep the deviation from the ordered vehicle as small as possible with regard to the usual purpose and possible uses.

Data storage

The customer agrees that the Adé – Shuttle Service stores his personal data for company purposes.